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DX-Wire (DK1RP)
dxwirespecialist for wires and accessories

THE ZEPPELIN-ANTENNA (DOUBLE-ZEPP): 2 x 41m + ladderline-feeder 9m

If this DOUBLE-ZEPP is forming a 50deg-angle, it results a small "V-Beam" with gain of 4-6 dBD from 20 to 10 meters. The best angle for 40 meters is 10deg and offers about +3 dBD. This length of the antenna works 160 meters with good efficiency too


The construction-kit consists of:

100meters insulated stranded Cu-wire 1,5mm²
3 Insulator IS-120
8 Spreaders SP-120

assembling instructions (DL6SX)

Step 1:
Ply the total 100 meters of wire into a "hairpin-form" 2 times 50 meters!


Step 2:
Beginning at the 2 open ends of the "hairpin", you may apply 8 spreaders SP-120 between the parallel wires. The distance between the spreaders shall be 1 meter! One meter from the last spreader, the insulator IS-120 has to be positioned to the wires by using the two suspension hooks and additional plastic cable strips.

The two lateral bows are previewed for the suspension of the antenna centre. Using 2 suspension ropes in different directions, the antenna is stabilized against lateral movements.


Step 3:
Now separate the wire at the hairpin-end and fasten 2 insulators IS-120, without using additional plastic cable strips. ATTENTION: both cable end to be bent over must have equal lengths!



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